ODIN takes the pain and confusion out of all the Supervision, Registration, Investigation and Prosecution of High Risk Offenders. Ultimately, ODIN creates an environment where officers can truly manage offenders risk and protect communities and citizens from dangerous predators. 

Client: ODIN OMS
Industry: Law Enforcement
Services: IT Consultancy, Application Development and Cyber Security
Via: https://www.odinoms.com


Managing the sprawl of data associated with sex offender containment can be daunting, frustrating and is frequently overwhelming to those tasked with sex offender registration and supervision.

Meeting legal mandates, community expectations; and doing so with the limited resources most agencies now face is becoming increasingly difficult, if not impossible.

The consequences for not having a comprehensive, effective, well organized HRSO (high risk sex offender) program can be catastrophic. Liabilities, both personal and departmental are huge.


The solution is one platform application where different users access and share the details between them even in live moment, with lots of new features to be integrated with different systems and which should work in live environment and also with accurate and faster. The proposed system will implement many features like Chrono, instant messaging, alerts, different ways of highlighting data and integrating with phone, sms systems, email management systems, document management systems, authenticate systems and many more, provide instant statistics etc.


Odin is helping communities, states, and even Indian Tribes to be safer, more prepared, and much more effective when working with sex offender registrants.

Organized and coordinated HRSO supervision enables staff to begin focusing efforts upon prevention instead of just being reactive and “putting out fires.” Again, safer communities, fewer victims, and safer, more productive officers. Win-win-win.