Peprotech is well known for their manufacturing and production of health care related products. Before the launch of this application they faced a lot of problems due to manual and physical process for each every small task. So to cope up with the changing environment they are in need of a single web application which needs to be integrated with their products, resources available, support features, etc. Integrating these entire manual tasks in a single application window for their first time is a huge challenge which also involved the automation of payment gateway and shipment/ delivery etc.

Client: PeproTech
Industry: Healthcare & Life Sciences
Services: Agile&DevOps, Application Development and Cyber Services
Via: https://www.peprotech.com


Since Peprotech is a health related production company we recommended using of more filters which makes the user to find their desired products from the pool. So we used the advanced filter labels like catalog number, product name, category, sub-category, research interest, and another option of whether it is new or not.

Then the search result will show the list of available products accordingly. If the User clicks on any particular product it will redirect to another new page which consist of the complete details about the product like catalog number, synonyms of that product name, description, AA sequence, source, biological activity, purity, cross reactivity, research interests, country of origin etc. in this page the user can select their desired quantity with desired size of the product (if any) and add those to their cart from where the payment process starts.

There is a tab in the name of resources, which contains only the details of publications, references, technology, useful links, other resources etc. since this web application is related to healthcare, we proposed to add another tab for the support of the users. It includes troubleshooting guides, FAQs, protocols, technical investigation forms. We also recommend creating an option to inform the user about any health related events if conducted in their locality.


To convert the manual process into automation, the system needs the user’s data to perform the tasks according to default settings. To need those data we have to create a user account for each end user’s. By doing so we can get his all type of needed information like my account/ personal info, his product wishlist, my orders, payments etc.

We also proposed to use the dynamic product page which will attract the end users. This dynamic product page will keeps on changing continuously according to their category, research interest and any new products (if any).


The launch of Peprotech web application makes a revolution in the healthcare manufacturing and researching industry. Many researchers / users get benefitted by getting their appropriate needed raw materials accurately for their researching purpose in on time delivery. These on time delivery of goods are also possible only after the complete automation process. This successful end product results in expanding their business/ servicing area i.e. sales opportunity, automated shipping process etc. All these services in a single application make Peprotech to be unique in their market field which in turns responsible for the increase of their revenue.