Sales App Pro is ideal for corporate sales teams and companies with direct sales agents that need to “visually” showcase the value of their products & services to each prospect in their ‘business terms’ using their data.

Client: BSA Pro
Industry: Software Products & Platforms
Services: IT Consultancy, Application Development, API & Integration and Cloud Services
Via: https://bsaproapp.com


Think about the time, energy and money spent chasing down prospects only to fall flat when your proposal doesn’t resonate with the prospect.

Many businesses face the challenge of whether to buy or build when it comes to software applications that need to serve multiple groups and users in real-time, ask any business person their #1 gripe about salespeople and you will often hear, “They don’t understand my business. They talk in terms of their products and services, not my needs”.


We developed very advanced application software which works with different input values and provide various suggestions on spot and users of the application compare with various aspect of the data through output suggestions. Application works in various platforms, and easy to input the data and easy to compare with various metrics and it displays the data visually etc.


Sales App Pro is a “decision engine” that translates customer input into bottom line value for your customer based on their business operation.  Instead of relying on traditional sales tools like marketing brochures, presentation decks, sales collateral and paper proposals…give your sales reps the power to showcase “tangible value in real-time” creating a “compelling business reason to buy”  that differentiates from competitors.