Argo global is an Insurance company who wants a web application to reduce their manual process of processing and claiming. Here the viewers can register under three major types of users. They are wholesaler, broker, retailer, broker and individual broker.

Client: Argo Group
Industry: Insurance
Services: Application Development, API Integration and Enterprise Business Solution
Via: https://www.argolimited.com


To manage all their users, customers and their process of approval of claiming amount and also their access level is a huge complicated task. Also the client needs this application to perform with maximum optimized response time, which is also a big challenge of handling huge quantities of data uploaded by all kinds of registered users.


To fulfill the client expectation about this Argo global web application, we proposed to change their manual flow of processing according to the easiness of the both the end users i.e. customer and the brokers.

So by implementing our recommended flow the user has to register under their desired broker category with their legal document if any. The admin at the backend will verify all those uploaded documents and approves the same. In our newly proposed solution the process starts by generating the quote by the broker.

At the same time the admin at the backend will bind the quote and provides their particular commission. After this a notification will be sent to the customer regarding their status of the quote and payment details. The customer is requested to provide the necessary documents for claiming and the same will be automatically forwarded to claim handlers for approval.


By implementing this new flow of the system with an ease of access by our proposed web application the client of Argo global holds their good reputation and gains the good will of their customer across the servicing geographical location.

The registered brokers are enjoying their increase phase of revenue due to our proposed automated solution which makes the process to complete with a minimum time than the manual process.