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The big challenge with this Good Fellows IT Portalen project is to convert the manual existing process into automation. Due to enormous amount of data present in their system their existing application is slow in their response time. This is also one of their major concerns to make an application with optimum speed in responsive.

Also the client needs some new additional features to implement in their already existing application. By addition of those proposed new feature by the client the new application will becomes a kind of ticket management system. Since B2B the type of client’s business it needs to resolve the issues raised by their customers within said or already agreed time. So servicing the business customer within that time and updating the status in the application plays a big role & mandatory process in this project.


To satisfy our client expectation about this project we proposed to create a web page which will get the maximum possible details from the end user/ business customer regarding the issues they are facing.

At the time of getting the issue details from the customer it is optional for a customer to mention the type of service they need. Depends on their demand of service the (service charge) price will vary accordingly. After successful submission of these issues to the system, the end user will get a reference id to check about the status of his ticket in future date and time.

Simultaneously the details will be sent to good fellows IT Portalen admin at the backend via an email. After understanding the issue and depend upon the type of service the admin of good fellow IT Portalen will do the issue resolving process via their system.

Our application will track the current status of the issues from their system and display it to the customer in our application window if they login with their credentials. Once the issue is resolved our application will show the issue resolved status to the customer with the invoice bill amount for their availed service from the Good fellows IT Portalen.


Using newly designed and developed application the Good fellows IT Portalen has got a good feedback for their faster delivery of service among their business customer and enjoys increasing in their revenue. Also their expectation regarding the website loading speed is now optimized using our proposed technology with reduced number of clicks in the application. So the client is satisfied with our delivered application in all possible directions.