Model Mugging

Project Detail

Model Mugging Self Defense provides students the greatest impact in personal safety and overcoming personal fears of being assaulted through role model mastery.

The client wants to make an application to be used by Instructors, background agencies, students and equipment managers etc. The challenge of the application is student will be instructor in future through various stages of application process by fulfilling each and every aspect of it. Event has been organised by different instructors from different places and all the expenses, equipments are handled in great way and demonstration will take place after the successful of event for those students. The entire process has been handled through the system.

The system has been developed in advanced technologies and integrated with various applications which includes payment gateways, email API and workflow integration etc. 

WebserverApache Server
Java script LibrariesAngular
Integration Email API Integration
Payment PayPal
Database MongoDB
Analytics and trackingGoogle Analytics